Mewtwo Discord Bot

Mewtwo is a random Discord bot made by PrincessLillie#2523. Some people like it, but I'm not sure why!
The bot has a rather random set of commands, and is built in Python under Nextcord.


The command prefix is >. To run a command, you must begin a message with >.

General Commands

>help Get the help message that probably linked you here

>nsfwhelp Get the help message for NSFW commands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>info Info about the bot

>ping Pong! Returns the bot's latency.
Aliases: >pong

>avatar Gets the avatar for a specified user. If no user is specified, your avatar is sent instead.
Aliases: >avy

>google Searches Google for a specified query and returns the first result.
Aliases: >g, >gsearch

>youtube Searches YouTube for a specified query and returns the first result. Currently broken, Google cut off my access to the YouTube Data API.
Aliases: >yt, >ytsearch

>define Returns the first definitions for all variants of a word from the unofficial Google Dictionary API, with usage examples if applicable.
Aliases: >definition, >dictionary

>server Shows information about the server.
Aliases: >serverinfo

Fun Commands

>echo I'll say whatever you want me to!
Aliases: >say

>greet Hello there.

>f Press F to pay respects.
Aliases: >respects

>sylveon Posts some cute as heck Sylveon art!

>meloetta Posts some cute as heck Meloetta art!

>derpibooru Gets a random safe image from Derpibooru that matches the provided query.
Aliases: >derpy

>hug Hug someone and brighten up their day!

>cuddle Snuggle with someone!
Aliases: >snuggle

>kiss Kiss someone! Show them your love!
Aliases: >smooch

>pat Give someone headpats!
Aliases: >pats, >pet

>nslookup Gets information for a Nintendo Switch game.
Aliases: >nsl, >ns, >switch

>urban Gets the first definition for a word from Urban Dictionary.

>pokedex Gets information for a specified Pokémon. If a Pokémon has multiple forms, every form will be posted. Uses the Pokédex API by PokéDevs.
Aliases: >pokemon, >pkmn

>amiibo Gets information for a specified Amiibo. Uses the AmiiboAPI.

>bunny Posts a random image of a bunny. Uses the API.
Aliases: >rabbit

Other Commands

>bug Submit a bug report if anything goes wrong.

>suggest Want to see something added to the bot? Suggest it!

Invite Mewtwo to your server

You want to use Mewtwo in your server? Cool!
I've prepared two invites: The invite and the minvite. What's the difference?
The invite invites Mewtwo with the administrator permission. This is done to ensure that if we add a new command in the future and it needs a new permission, the server admins don't have to mess with role permissions to get it working. It generally makes the end user experience as streamlined as possible.
The minvite invites Mewtwo with the minimum permissions it needs to fully function. This invite link is for those who are incredibly conscious about their server security and don't trust bots with administrator permissions.

Thanks for adding Mewtwo!

Mewtwo's been added to your Discord server! You should be able to use it immediately. You can find a list of usable commands on this website. I hope you enjoy using Mewtwo!

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